ReLaunching Our Site


We are relaunching our site after getting hit by a hacker, due in part to my own laziness to be honest. What happened was not so much on this site but, on a few others that I let slip, I had not updated anything for a while. This in turn made it easy for someone with no life to come in and basically mess with all my sites thus a new start.

Now that I have straightened out some of my other sites it is time to get back in action here with IM Reviews. I am trying to look at this in a positive sense in that it has:

Made me clean out some of those sites that were not only getting no love but, also making no money.

Wake up call to stay on top of updates

Update my content as well since some of my articles were a little outdated as hey have been up for a while.

So the adventure begins as I relaunch a site that actually started out as an experiment few years ago.

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